Monday, October 25, 2010

An Observation

Just for the heck of it I like to look at my stats sometimes. Ya know, see you all is reading my blog and all that good stuff. I have made a few observations:

Oddly enough, my most read post is about my toes. Why? I posted this thing in November and even this week have had 4 people look at it. Are my toes really that interesting?! Also, said post has no comments. Again, I ask Why? If so many people are reading it, why aren't any of them writing about it? hmmm....

Another observation I made from looking at my stats is that people in Alaska are reading my blog or have read my blog. That's pretty cool. Who are you? Can we please be friends? Are we already friends?

Not only are people in Alaska looking at and reading my blog, but at least one person from the following countries have looked at my blog. This is pretty crazy!
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
I think it is way cool that people from these countries have looked at my blog! Even if it probably was just a google search. Whatevs.

Well it's nice to see that people around the world are reading about my life, or just passing by on a search for something.

Where do your readers come from? And what do others think is most interesting in your life??

1 comment:

  1. Haha Jaron this made me laugh!! I got that little toolbar that tells where people are from too and its the most interesting thing ever.
    I look at my stats too and wonder why the heck so many people look but dont comment. SOOOO, I am going to comment to YOU. You are funny and I love reading your funny posts!